TWL Duofold

In a world filled with trendy and gimmicky “smart” wallets, we’re bringing the bi-fold back to its roots as an effective and seamless way to store your cash and cards. Make no mistake: this isn’t your grandpa’s wallet. This is the wallet for the modern man created from years of experimentation.

Classic styling meets modern convenience

The TWL Duofold is sleek and slim without sacrificing functionality. Yes, that means you won’t have to make cash origami to fit it in any tiny pockets of your wallet any longer. You can also store the perfect number of cards without any bulk or tight-fitting pockets. Get in and out of the store without any issue! Travel to foreign lands and carry the local currency without any problems!

Keep your money secure, without sacrificing convenience or elegance!

Super Slim: At only 3mm thin, it’s time to say goodbye to pocket bulge for good!

Genuine Leather: No chemicals or synthetic materials, only genuine leather for a clean and simple aesthetic.

Minimalist Money Clip: Keep your cash secure without sacrificing size.

Premium Finish: Designed to fit any aesthetic whether casual or formal.

Easy Access Pocket: For those quick purchases, have easy access to your essential cards.

NanoSIM card pocket: Perfect for traveling to foreign countries.

TWL Duofold

Classic styling meets modern convenience

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