True Work Lab

Traditional Design Meets Experimental Innovation


The world is in motion and innovation is what drives us forward. Technology is getting better, but our accessories are staying the same. We want to change that. When others say “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” We ask, “How could it be better?” We are more than a manufacturer—we are a design studio with goals to change the way everyday items look and function.


We are designers and experimenters at heart, and we are always looking for new ways to improve the design of our products in the True Work Lab. Our first project is to improve the modern wallet to fit the needs of the modern man.


It all started with the size. Most wallets are bulky, and add an uncomfortable bulge to your back pocket. Sure, you can switch to a money clip in your front pocket, but then you’re stuck fumbling to pull out your bills and cards at the checkout stand.


We’re just getting started, and we will continue to experiment with new and inventive ways to bring tomorrow’s solutions to yesterday’s problems. Our end goal is to produce products that please the modern consumer and push others towards innovation in their daily lives.


3166 Broaddus Maple Court Avenue,
Madisonville KY 42431,
United States of America

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